Kamiko Heads West April 27th

If you’ll need something to scratch that Nintendo Switch itch the day before Mario Kart or Puyo Puyo Tetris, we’ve got some good news.

Kamiko is an action puzzler which I recently reviewed by picking it up from the Japanese eShop, but is also coming Westward next week. It features a gorgeous pixel art styling, some unique weapon mechanics for all three available characters, and four worlds to explore – each with their own aesthetic, enemy pool, and boss to take out.

It’s a short game, and can be completed with a single character in about an hour your first time through; but it’s also an addictive and amazing experience with a seductive soundtrack and style. Being that it also tracks your gameplay time however, it’s also perfect for speedrunners and competitive players – and best of all, if need be you can absolutely crush it in the time before Mario Kart drops!

Kamiko releases in North America and Europe on April 27th, priced at $4.99, £4.49, or €4.99 depending on your region. Read my review, and be sure to pick it up. 😉

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