eShop Update – May 4th, 2017

This week we don’t have any games launching on update day, so we’ll cover the bits in between and that Blaster Master Zero demo and free DLC that just dropped. 😉

That’s right, Switch enthusiasts; nothing new to buy today; but there is a new demo and limited time free DLC to pick up for Blaster Master Zero. If that doesn’t tickle your fancy, we’d like to remind you that Blazing Star and Tumbleseed just launched Tuesday, and NBA Playgrounds is due out on the 9th.

Need something new to play? Check out the pricing below.

Released in both North America and Europe this week;

  • ACA NeoGeo Blazing Star (Hit 5/2) – $9.79CAD | $7.99US | £6.29 | €6.99
  • NBA Playgrounds (Out 5/9) – $19.99US (Other Pricing TBA)
  • Tumbleseed (Hit 5/2) – $14.99US | $19.79CAD | €13.99 | £11.99

Demo Releases (Both Regions);

  • Blaster Master Zero – Free

DLC Releases (Both Regions);

  • Blaster Master Zero DLC – EX CHARACTER: GUNVOLT (free ’til 5/18, then €1.99 | £1.79 | TBA)

What will next week hold? Tune in then to find out. 😉

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