Blaster Master Zero Receives Two New Game Modes, DLC Characters, and an eShop Demo

Inti Creates’ digital launch title Blaster Master Zero recently received a free update adding two new modes of play and DLC characters from the Gunvolt universe.

After clearing the game at least once, players will have access to the new Destroyer Mode, which Inti Creates describes as “super difficult.” Not only will Jason and SOPHIA III sport a new color palette in this mode, but enemies will have a few new tricks to show off as well.

For starters, they’ll only receive damage from specific weapon levels during the game’s top-down dungeon segments, so max level Wave spamming is no longer viable. Not to be outdone, enemies destroyed in the 2D realm will now erupt in a shower of bullets toward the player’s location.

To crank up the challenge even further, Life Up and Energy Guard items have no effect in Destroyer Mode. Item placement and the types of items dropped by mid-level bosses are altered as well.

Fans of the Gunvolt series (and fan-service rail shooter Gal*Gun) will have something to look forward to in Blaster Master Zero’s new EX Character Mode, which adds Gunvolt and Ekoro as playable heroes. These are more than simple re-skins, however, acting instead as distinguishable characters with unique play-styles that can be used throughout the entire game.

Azure Striker Gunvolt’s titular hero harnesses the power of lightning and comes equipped with his Flashfield and Prevasion abilities. Also entering the fray is Mighty Gunvolt and Gal*Gun’s own elite angel, Ekoro, who comes equipped with her beloved Desert Angel guns.

Gunvolt is available now as a free download until May 17th, when he’ll become paid DLC for $1.99 USD. Ekoro arrives later on June 1st and she’ll also be a free download for two weeks before becoming paid DLC for $1.99 USD on June 14th.

According to developer Inti Creates, there are “a lot more” DLC characters on the way and each will follow the same pricing structure of releasing as free downloads for a two week period, eventually becoming paid DLC.

If you’ve yet to experience Blaster Master Zero, a new demo has been added to the Nintendo Switch eShop. Players can check out two of the game’s earlier stages (the Forest and Industrial areas) alone or with a friend in local co-op, which feels right at home with the console’s independent Joy-Con mode of play.

Blaster Master Zero released alongside the Nintendo Switch on March 3rd and is available exclusively as a digital download for $9.99 USD on both the Nintendo Switch and 3DS eShops. Although he found it “short and rather easy,” our own Charlie Large awarded the game a 3.6/5, calling it “a game that definitely deserves some attention for all the right reasons!”

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