FUZE Code Studio to Bring Coding on the Switch to the Layman

This time next year you’ll be able to code your own Switch content.

Featuring an easy to learn programming language that requires no coding experience to pick up, FUZE Code Studio looks to bring the Switch owner the ability to create their own apps and games (in both 2D & 3D)!

It’ll allow you to access Joy-Con sensors directly, use the dock to display your games on the big screen, and even plug in a USB keyboard for faster coding input. You’ll be able to use pre-made graphics and audio or create your own, tweak your creations with a programmable synthesizer and speech engine, and even download additional content packs.

Does that sound like something you might like? Good, ’cause FUZE Code Studio is headed to the Nintendo Switch sometime in the second quarter of 2018.

Prepare yourself!

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