Nintendo Switch Firmware 3.0.0 Now Available!

A rather big update has been issued to the Switch’s system software.

The Nintendo Switch’s firmware has jumped from its previous 2.3.0 version right to the magic 3.0.0 number – receiving a plethora of changes, fixes, and small updates along the way. While it doesn’t include some important things we’ve been waiting for, there might just be some updates or changes listed that you’ve been hoping would come.

Interested in the full rundown? The official patch notes are as follows;

Have you updated yet? You should get on it – this looks to be a rather significant improvement to some very important areas. 😉

One thought on “Nintendo Switch Firmware 3.0.0 Now Available!”

  1. Observed updates not listed in the official notes include;
    – A higher maximum volume, at least using headphones
    – Some interaction sounds have been altered
    – Some non-Switch controllers now work when plugged in using USB (like the Pokken controller, thanks GAF)
    – “Played for a few minutes” has become “Played for a little while” in the Play Activity list
    – “Nintendo eShop” has been added to the “Software Information” tab in a game’s menu (press – or + to activate)

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