Puzzle Adventure Blockle Coming to Switch Early Next Month

Intense have announced that their puzzle adventure game is headed to Switch very soon, and have provided introductory details and media to get you interested.

In Puzzle Adventure Blockle you’re tasked with getting the seven world stones that an egotistical, world-conquering, maniacal mayor has set you off to collect. To do so you’ll need the help of Kulu – the chosen of the young Katz, and Arika – a goddess who can rotate the ground. You’ll take these two across many lands, solving puzzles and adventuring towards the mayor’s goal. You’ll meet other members of the Katz tribe on your journey, and hopefully get what you need to please the mayor (and release Arika from her forced stay in this world).

Are you up for the challenge?

Puzzle Adventure Blockle is headed to both North American and Japan eShops on August 3rd, priced at $7.99US / ¥800. No word yet on a European release, but seeing as how the Switch is region free it shouldn’t be too much of an issue. 😉

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