Tumbleseed Updated to Version 2.01n, Brings 4 Peaks to Switch

A rather major new update has been issued for one of the hardest games on the Nintendo Switch.

4 Peaks is here! It brings to the table six new game modes, new forms of persistent unlockable abilities, a weekly challenge mode, and more. There’ll even be a 1-on-1 “King of the Hill” style two-player battle mode (exclusive to Switch), whereby dying will spawn you with a new power.

As for the 4 Peaks themselves, they’ll each offer a set level from the four biomes in Adventure mode. Being non-random, they’ll allow players to get more comfortable and strategize better – giving you a training ground of sorts for the random madness you’ll face otherwise. Each peak has three quests that will unlock brand new auras (like “Don’t take damage from falling in holes” or “Don’t lose thorns from taking damage”) to help you on your way; the auras you unlock available in any mode thereafter.  It’s also notable that the four mountain biomes the mode offers unlock in succession, so you’ll have to beat the Forest to see the Jungle (and so on).

That’s not it however, as there are dozens of other smaller changes as well – like the fact that Pit Bombs do damage enemies now, and tweaks to auras. They aren’t all specified though, so you’ll have to give it a go and find them for yourself!

The 4 Peaks update is available right now, so if it hasn’t already downloaded in the background then get to updating manually! All it takes is a poke of “+,” a flick of the analog down, and some “A” action on the “Via the Internet” sub-option of “Software Update.”

As for those of you that don’t have the game yet, now’s your chance to dive in! Along with this update comes a 33% off sale, bringing the price down a fair bit depending on your region and base price.

New content and a sale, who could ask for more? 😉

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  1. I’m fairly sure I’ll be picking this one up 🙂 The devs are cool, I like supporting passion projects that look like I’ll enjoy. I hear the HD rumble for the game is real nice.

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