The Sexy Brutale Seduces the Switch This Fall in Japan

Nippon Ichi are bringing their puzzling mystery adventure game to the Japanese eShop this Fall.

The Sexy Brutale is groundhog day style time-loop mystery game set in the bizarre casino for which the title is named, the locale being a converted mansion with a moniker thought up by the enigmatic Marquis. It puts players in the role of elderly priest Lafcadio Boone, and gives you the roles of both detective and protector – having you watch, hide, and learn about the other guests. You’ll have to throw yourself into those two roles in order save the guests from the mansion’s staff, and also to discover the key moments that allow you to explore deeper into the mystery. Can you get to the bottom of The Sexy Brutale, and uncover the hidden truth within? It’s almost time to find out!

Featuring ten unique murder scenarios, tons of mysteries to solve, and lots of crazy characters to get to know, The Sexy Brutale is officially headed to the Nintendo Switch in Japan. Check out two previously released trailers for the game below, as they’ll give you a better idea of what to expect.

The Sexy Brutale is headed to the Nintendo Switch eShop this Fall in Japan, priced at ¥2,160.

While a Western release hasn’t been confirmed, the title was recently rated by PEGI – a good sign that we’ll hear something soon. 😉

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