Severed Slips Stealthily Onto the Switch eShop

Drinkbox Studios have released their first-person dungeon crawling puzzle game on Switch – the title already up in some regions.

Severed puts you in the shoes of Sasha, who has managed to get her right arm cut off and her family taken by an evil dragon. Given a living sword by death himself, she is sent on a journey to recover that which she has lost; taking on three great enemies (and countless smaller obstacles) along the way.

This all occurs is a strange world, and strange things lie within – both good, and bad. You’ll have to be quick to keep from getting severed further, ’cause this isn’t your mom’s touch game!

Check out the title’s Nintendo Switch launch trailer below.

Severed is available today, launching for $14.99 | €14.99 | £13.49.

Will you be picking it up?

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