Stardew Valley For Switch is Currently Undergoing Testing

The Switch version of Stardew Valley has entered the testing phase.

The developers of Stardew Valley have revealed that the Switch version of the Harvest Moon inspired farming simulator is currently undergoing testing. Revealed via Twitter, Chucklefish employee Molly Carroll expressed her enthusiasm testing the game on the Switch console.

Stardew Valley originally was released in February of 2016, on both PC and current gen consoles. It was met with high praise, and has received numerous accolades – including best independent game at the 2016 Game Awards and Golden Joysticks.

Inheriting a run-down farm from his grandfather and wanting to escape the stresses of urban life, gameplay consists of managing the player’s time and energy to maintain and expand a fully functioning farm. You’ll raise livestock and tend to crops, slowly becoming a member of the local community by coercing with NPCs. Due to the game’s open ended nature however, players can go about their activities or business as they see fit, and procedurally generated caves offer a variety of both resources to gather and creatures to battle.

While no release date has been officially announced for Stardew Valley on Switch, progress appears to be gathering momentum.

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