Minecraft Will Allow Wii U To Switch Transfers In Next Update

It has been confirmed that Minecraft: Nintendo Switch Edition will soon be able to receive all of your creations from the Wii U Edition in a future update. 

Minecraft is one of those games that hardly needs an introduction. The block-breaking, brick-building, sandbox phenomenon has been a worldwide success and is playable on pretty much any device or console you could possibly hope for. Whilst the Nintendo Switch version of the game is arguably the best portable edition available, players who had already bought the game on Wii U may have had a hard time justifying splashing out the cash a second time. One thing that may sway them however is this update; by transferring all of your hard work onto the new system, you’ll now be able to play in your favourite worlds on-the-go without having to start from scratch.

This announcement was made during an official stream of the game in which the transfer process was demonstrated for viewers to see. You can see this clip below thanks to Nintendo Everything:

For those of you who already own both versions of the game, this will no doubt be a very welcome addition and one to look out for in (hopefully) the near future. For those who were on the fence about jumping over from Wii U to Nintendo Switch, perhaps this is the news you’ve been waiting for?

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