Dragon Quest X Version 4 Unveiled

Earlier this month, during the Dragon Quest Summer Festival 2017, Square Enix revealed the latest expansion (version 4) for Dragon Quest X.

Known as “The 500-Year Voyage to a Far-away Hometown“, this expansion is set to launch on the Nintendo Switch in Japan on November 16th at a price of 3,800 yen.

Check out the trailer and a preview video below, and let us know in the comments whether you are looking forward to seeing a Dragon Quest RPG on the Switch!

One thought on “Dragon Quest X Version 4 Unveiled”

  1. everytime i read about a new expansion for DX10 i’m wondering WTH SQE won’t bring this over to Europe. People like DQ and like to play MMO, although the monthly subscription fees are pain, so DQ MMO would likely be a hit. sigh, we western DQ-fans just don’ get enough appreciation/love for SQE in general and especially on Ninty-consoles…. let’s hope 2018 will bring us better tidings (DQ Builders 2 ahoy)

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