Switch eShop Now Supports Paypal As Payment Option

The Nintendo Switch eShop is an incredibly convenient way to download all of your favourite titles, and now with Paypal support it has just got even easier.

In a recent post on the Switch’s ‘News’ tab, information has been provided to let everyone know exactly how the feature will work, indicating that Paypal is now an available option not only directly from the eShop on the Nintendo Switch console, but also through the official Nintendo website for your country.

To investigate further, I took it upon myself to see it in action on the eShop and sure enough; the option is available both when purchasing a specific game, as well as when adding funds to your account as demonstrated by my beautiful (definitely not staged) photograph below.

The only thing I’d like to note before I set you free to fund your purchases is that a Paypal account must be of the same eShop country as the purchase or it won’t work. As such, you may not be able to fund your secondary accounts as you would your primary one – but at least some of your purchases will be quicker and simpler.

So there you have it; buying games is indeed getting easier and easier. With a couple of clicks you can now grab a copy of Sonic Mania faster than your wallet can scream a deafening “no” from the other side of the room. Good move, Nintendo!

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