New Fire Emblem Warriors Trailer Revealed, Limited Edition Will Be Available in Europe

A new trailer has been unveiled for Fire Emblem Warriors, the collaboration between Intelligent Systems’ Fire Emblem series and Koei Tecmo’s Dynasty Warriors franchise. Alongside this, a limited edition release has been confirmed for the Nintendo Switch version (in Europe at least).

The new trailer reveals Camilla, Leo, Hinoka, and Takumi as new characters joining a roster which already included original characters, Rowan and Lianna, as well as fan-favourite characters such as Chrom from Fire Emblem Awakening and Marth who has starred in multiple titles from the franchise’s history. Take a look at the shiny new trailer below;

But that’s not all; shortly after revealing this trailer, a limited edition for the Nintendo Switch version was unveiled. Boasting a three-disc original soundtrack, character art cards, and the game of course, this limited edition will no doubt be highly sought after from fans of the series.

Currently we only have confirmation that this limited edition will be released in Europe; as of yet, no information has been released about any special editions of the game in other regions.

Fire Emblem Warriors is due for release on October 20th in Europe, slightly earlier on September 28th in Japan, and has the slightly vague description of “Fall” for North America. If this limited edition is available to you, are you tempted? Let us know your thoughts!

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