Zoink Games’ Fe Coming to Switch Courtesy of EA

Electronic Arts will be publishing the platformer on Switch next year.

In Fe you’ll take control of the titular character – a small cub who awakens in the forest – in order to discover a world they won’t want to leave. Using sound to communicate, you’ll help Fe connect with nature, identify friend from foe, and forge their own narrative. You’ll be able to climb, glide, and dig on your voyage, and often you’ll even have to rescue plants and animals from the Silent Ones – machine antagonists threatening the forest Fe lives in. It’s an adventure all your own, and it’s headed our way early next year.

Check it out in the trailer below, and have a look at the screenshots that follow for a better idea of what to expect when you finally get your hands on Fe.

Fe is due out on Switch sometime early in 2018.

Will you be looking for it?

One thought on “Zoink Games’ Fe Coming to Switch Courtesy of EA”

  1. “Courtesy of EA”?
    where is the courtesy? we all know the EA support will stop the moment their old and bad done ports will stop to sell on switch… just like they did for wiiu.
    They published old games that were sold already months before on other platforms and complained no one buy them on wiiu… thanks EA for you courtesy.

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