Overcooked: Special Edition Sees Improvements Thanks To Update

Overcooked: Special Edition went down a treat here at Switch Player HQ when it released for Nintendo Switch in July, and now thanks to some in-game improvements, it promises to be better than ever.

There is a bucket-load of fun to be had playing Overcooked: Special Edition, but the game has seen some performance issues on Nintendo Switch with players noting framerate drops and problems with controllers. Publisher Team17 have been listening to these comments, however, and have now released a patch for the game to address these issues.

This patch is actually the first of two which are planned for the game, with work being finalised on the second patch as we speak. You can get a look a the full details of Overcooked: Special Edition’s first patch here:

  • General improvements to framerate across the entire game
    Improvements to controller input
  • HD Rumble no longer activates for all players when Player 1 carries out an action
  • A crash triggered after lowering the vibration setting is fixed
  • An exploit for chopping in the single-player mode has been removed
  • An error in which worktop highlights was missing under certain circumstances is fixed
  • A bug causing the timer to cut off when switching between handheld and TV mode has been fixed

If you’ve noticed any issues whilst playing the game, this patch may well be the answer you’ve been hoping for. Performance updates are always a welcome thing if they improve the fun that can be had during gameplay, so if you own Overcooked: Special Edition make sure to update your game now!

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