Parallel puzzler Semispheres coming out this week

“Meditative” puzzle game with synth-led soundtrack launches on eshop on 14th

Vivid Helix have been in touch to tell us that their “contemplative dual reality puzzle game” Semispheres will arrive on the Nintendo Switch eshop this week in both EU and NA regions.

Described as a “beautiful” 2D puzzler with a synth-led soundtrack, Semispheres is a challenging game set around dual realities. With “bichromatic” art comprised of warm blue and orange hues, the game tasks you with reuniting the parallel worlds within.

Our press release features quotes from Radu Muresan, the designer of the game and he says of Semispheres:

“With its unique single-player split-screen mechanic, Semispheres challenges your mind by putting you in control of two characters at the same time”. He goes on to explain: “With a minimalist art style and a soundtrack by visionary composer Sid Barnhoorn, we are excited to launch Semispheres on the eShop for a new generation of Nintendo Switch players.”

Semispheres is said to feature fiendish puzzles which escalate in complexity, where you use each of the analogue sticks to control a different avatar. The environments around you may seem identical but possess crucial differences which will be essential in aiding your progression.

Key features to expect from the game are more than 50 levels of stealth-inspired gameplay with abilities including noise-makers, portals, side-swapping and and teleporting in what is essentially story about a boy and his robot.

We’ve got a review in progress from new staff member Reece Heyworth, which we hope will be up in time for launch so check back later this week for more news, pricing and information on Semispheres. Are you looking for a new puzzle game?

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