Speedrunner 100%s Super Mario Odyssey In Under 18 Hours

Super Mario Odyssey speedrunners start to 1-up each other.

Super Mario Odyssey has only been in our hands for a short while but that doesn’t stop the speedrunner community from performing some spectacular feats. As new techniques and pathways are being found throughout the kingdoms on Mario’s journey, the world record for sprinting through this is up for grabs.

Australian speedrunner, Okikurume, preferred to take the completionist route and take on a 100% completion of Super Mario Odyssey in a single sitting of just over 17 hours and setting a World Record in the process.

For those of you still playing Odyssey and sensitive to spoilers, you may want to hold off reading here.

Despite seeking out piles of coins, there was still some grinding to be done.

To meet the criteria, Okikurume need to collect every single power moon, every costume and complete the capture and music lists. To add to the challenge, some of these moons require players to meet certain goals, such as jumping a certain amount of times throughout the game. This meant that it wasn’t just a simple romp through each kingdom.

Throughout his 17:20:49 playthrough, Okikurume kept his alertness going by chatting to his viewers while grinding for coins to make those expensive in-game purchases and repeatedly smashing Cappy into a wall. A speedrun like this is a true test of endurance and focus as well as a remarkable ability to remember each nook and cranny of the game’s world. As a comparison, the current 100% record for Super Mario 64 is less than 2 hours.

Despite the time it takes to fully complete Super Mario Odyssey, this is likely to be the first of many world record attempts. It’s going to be exciting to see how much time other players are going to try and shave off this record as the speedrunning community gets to one-up each other.

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