ARMS 4.0 Update out now

As mentioned yesterday, ARMS is getting its big 4.0 update today.

First up the new fighter has been unveiled, Misango. This masked fighter comes with his own unique mechanic, his mask will change colour throughout the fight and different colours will offer up different buffs for the fighter to take advantage of, when the mask is red for example you deal more damage whilst yellow will enhance your Rush moves. It adds a different dynamic to fights as you carefully adjust your strategy according to the buffs you have access to at the time.

In addition to Misango the update is also adding a new feature, Party Crash. Taking cues from the incredibly popular Splatfest feature in Splatoon 2, a timed event will take place for players to take part in and compete to find which character is more popular. The first Party Crash will start 22nd November and last until the 24th November, the event will pit Spring Man and Ribbon Girl against one another, using either character will grant you an exp boost, so be sure to make the most of these events.

So what do you think of the update now it’s out in the wild? Who gets your backing, Spring Man or Ribbon Girl? Let us know in the comments below.

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