Nintendo Labo Brings DIY to the Switch

Comes fully flatpacked.

So, you know that ‘new way to play’ tease Nintendo dropped on us? They said it was for kids, and they weren’t wrong – dubbed ‘Nintendo Labo’, it will be a range of buildable, interactive toys that link directly with the Switch’s Joy-Cons to provide various functionality (thus becoming ‘Toy-Cons’ – get it?).

Launching on 27th April, Nintendo Labo will initially consist of two packs – The Variety Kit and The Robot Kit. Each kit will come packed with the relevant software and all buildable materials to get you started.

The Variety Kit will include the following Toy-Cons: Toy-Con RC Car, Toy-Con Fishing Rod, Toy-Con House, Toy-Con Motorbike and Toy-Con Piano. The Robot Kit only includes one Toy-Con, but it’s a piece of wearable kit so you can transform into a robot. Pretty cool, right?

Currently, Nintendo are taking applications to attend the Nintendo Labo Workshop in London, so you and your kids can experience the game for yourselves before launch, starting February 14th. You can register over on the official Nintendo Labo website.

Check out the announcement trailer for Nintendo Labo below:

So, what do you think? Does this sound like something you might like to try? Are you disappointed by the announcement? Let us know!

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