Voez Update Brings Music to your TV Screen

The touchscreen musical oddity goes hybrid

When the Switch launched last year in March many were surprised to see a Free 2 Play mobile game make the transition to Nintendo’s new hybrid system. What was more intriguing about this title was that it could only be played in handheld mode using the touchscreen. So much for the hybrid nature of the Switch.

However, towards the end of 2017, Flyhigh Works announced that controller input support would be coming to the game via a patch at a later date. That time is now with update 1.3.1 which coincides with the physical retail release of the game in Japan.

Voez has continued to receive updates bringing additional music tracks since its release on the Switch. Some have found the price off-putting, but given the sheer amount of music tracks now available (160!) and now the ability to play on a TV screen makes this an even more attractive offer.

The update is live in all regions, freeing the game from only being playable in handheld mode. Let us know if you have downloaded the update and what you think of the additional controller support.

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