Fire Emblem Warriors DLC out next week

Nintendo has revealed that the second wave of DLC for Fire Emblem Warriors is out next week.

The second expansion is based on Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon for the Nintendo DS and will include 3 new characters to play as. Navarre who wields a sword, Minerva the wyvern rider wields an axe and finally Linde is a mage. Each of the 3 characters will come with their own unique weapons to unlock. Of course the DLC includes fare more than just the 3 new faces. You’ll also have access to new history maps for each character, A Brush in the Teeth for Navarre, Princess Minerva for Minerva and last but not least Knorda Market for Linde.

It’s not all about the fresh faces though as the DLC also adds a bunch of content for other characters. Marth, Caeda, Tiki and Lyn all get new costumes to unlock and several other characters get new armour break models. To round it all out there will also be some new weapons to collect and destroy the battlefield with. Caeda can unlock the Wing Spear, Tiki gets the Divinestone and Anna gets the aptly named Anna’s Bow. There will also be some new weapon attributes to look out for, Statflip, Genpeer and Gencross though we don’t know just yet exactly what these do.

What do you think of the Shadow Dragon DLC pack for Fire Emblem Warriors? Will you be picking up? Which character are you most eager to try? Let us know in the comments below.

Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon DLC pack will cost £8.09 or you can get it as part of the season pass, the DLC is out on the 15th February and you can read what we thought about Fire Emblem Warriors here. Stay tuned to the Switch Player for more information as we get it.

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