Layers of Fear: Legacy Launches February 21st

Horror Reborn

Bloober Team have announced that the ‘remastered and redesigned’ Layers of Fear: Legacy will be coming to Switch on February 21st, bringing with it some unique offerings exclusive to the Switch version. It will also include the ‘Inheritance’ DLC for free – nice!

Bloober Team have provided an overview of the game, which you can read below:

Layers of Fear: Legacy is a Nintendo Switch-exclusive first-person psychological horror game, which allows the player to take control of an insane painter bent on finishing his masterpiece. Focused on exploration of ever-changing environment of an atmospheric Victorian-era mansion and discovering the secret of the mental illness that had fallen on the main character. As painter’s delusions manifest in progressively unnerving forms, the players are challenged to face one of the most immersive and frightening experiences in the history of horror games.

Will you picking up Layers of Fear: Legacy later this month? I’ve previously played the PS4 version, and can confirm it’s well worth a look!


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