Word Search by POWGI Review

Trying to find the right words to say about this game…

Word Search by POWGI is, well, just a Word Search, but it’s a necessary game and one that is expected on a portable platform that is accessible to anyone, what with its vast range of different games and game-types both physically and on the eShop. The question is, is it executed well by the developer? I think the word I’m searching for is…

Yes, actually.


Word Search has over 300 puzzles to get sunk into, and a range of different topics with different words to keep you from trying to find different fruits all day. The presentation is very simple, but it works perfectly well and the little dog gives you cool little quips every time you finish a stage. Perhaps a couple of more colours or some animations on the pooch wouldn’t have gone amiss, but let’s not get too carried away, it is a Word Search after all.

The game is also extremely easy to control, utilising the Switch’s touch screen nicely. I’ve been playing the game quite a bit in handheld mode whilst watching TV, and it’s surprisingly addictive trying to find the word Transylvania. God of War? What’s that? Sorry, I’m too busy playing Word Search by POWGI mate.

As you can see in this image, Word Search also allows you to play with up to four different players, with both online and local modes.

One might think that I would struggle to find a bad word to say about this game, but sadly it isn’t all fun and games. Word Search by POWGI, in the current competitive gaming ecosystem, is missing one crucial game mode that all devs should be clambering to include: A battle royal mode. Frankly, I was shocked when I saw that this wasn’t present, but I suppose the other versus and co-op multiplayer modes will have to suffice. I’m sure these modes work perfectly well and they are nice inclusions, but every time I’ve gone to find a game I haven’t been able to match up with anyone. Suit yourself, cowardly Word Searchers, I would have wiped the proverbial floor with you anyway.

Overall, it’s Word Search. What did you expect! It’s good! If you want to play Word Search then here you go!



Word Search by POWGI is a fun word search puzzle game that works well on the Nintendo Switch. It’s little more than that.

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