Angels of Death

Angels of Death Review

A game to die for.

Angels of Death is an indie-horror game that was made in RPG Maker, and while some may feel that may limit what the developers can do, that isn’t the case for this game.

In a world where you’re unsure what’s real and what’s fake, Angels of Death puts you in the shoes of a young girl named Rachel Gardner and a scythe-wielding murderer called Zack. What draws them together is chilling: Rachel wants to die, and Zack is more than happy to grant her wish. But first, they must escape from the hell in which they are trapped, as well as those who want to stop them.

Similar to horror games like Haunting Ground and Clock Tower, players will need to make their way through different floors by facing off against bosses and overcoming challenges and completing puzzles. It may sound repetitive to some, but I assure you that you don’t feel as though you’re simply doing the same task over and over and that’s all thanks to Angels of Death’s intriguing characters.

Much shinier than the blood of your enemies.

Getting through each floor is the aim of the game, but that isn’t all that makes it fun. You’ll also discover more and more about the characters of Zack and Rachel and come to terms with their different, if somewhat toxic, relationship. In fact, I’d argue that their relationship is the living, beating heart of the game, and if you’re not invested in what happens to them then you may not leave the game satisfied like I did.

That said, even if you aren’t as invested in Zack and Rachel’s story, there is a level of mystery that’ll keep you intrigued enough that you’ll be desperate to know what awaits you when you reach the end of the game. The world of Angels of Death is just that compelling that, while you may flinch at some of the gory content, you’ll be unable to tear yourself away for very long.

Of course, with a game rating of ‘Mature,’ there are some seriously heavy topics that aren’t for the faint-hearted. Even with pixel art, there are some moments that are so disturbing that while I personally didn’t recoil, I still felt as though I needed to take a few breaks to process what I saw as there was some pretty terrible stuff. However, for those who like to see dark, disturbing and traumatic things? Don’t hesitate, because this game was made for you.

To be continued? Give us more!

Yet if you’re looking for the classic heart-pounding horror of a villain chasing you down, you won’t be finding that in Angels of Death. While there are some moments where my heart jumped in my mouth, the game deals more with psychological and physical horror which arguably makes the level design much more interesting. For example, there is a part where a character has to carry something heavier than they are while bleeding out, and so their movements are slower. It’s an interesting touch, and I very much enjoyed it.

Unfortunately, the game truly isn’t that hard and so you may not feel challenged as you progress. But if you like your horror with a bit of anime, why not pick up Angels of Death? It’ll be worth it.




Angels of Death is a horror-adventure game that intrigues from the very start. A must-have for fans of psychological and physical horror that’ll have you playing until the very early hours of the morning.