Palm Reading Premium Review

Take a look at your hand. Either one. See those lines all over it? You’d never guess how much those lines can apparently say about your character. Luckily, we have Crazysoft and Palm Reading Premium on hand to tell us all about it via the medium of the Switch.

Personality & Psychology Premium, which released on the Switch eShop last year, promised to tell us everything we didn’t know about ourselves through a series of questions which formed the basis for judgements on our psyche. Asking the tough questions, ‘all results are based on information about the ancient art of palmistry and real-world tendency,’ the developers say. We can’t really say that we’re too convinced by that.

Who knew all those lines had names?

This thing really takes into account every single millimetre of your hand. Tests are divided into three sections, each divided into subsets of their own. The first main category tackles palm lines – the indentations in the centre of your palm, with a whole test dedicated to each of the major lines you can see. Who knew they all had names? We bet none of you could tell us where to find the Saturn Line, the Apollo Line and the Mercury Line without playing this. See? It’s not a game, more of an educational experience.

A lot of options. Who knew there were so many types of hands?

Section two tackles the fingers – you’ve all seen the viral posts on social media which tell you your sexuality can be based on the positioning of certain fingers, so you’re likely to be pretty familiar with this. It’s all codswallop, of course; but much like reading any horoscope, in order to enjoy yourself you’re going to have to leave your disbelief at the door. The final major section is Palm Extras, which takes into account gifts and marks, the overall shape of your hand and lastly compatibility between your hand and your partner’s / lover’s / concubine’s / other hand. That last one may be made up, but it’s a mighty fine idea if you’re looking for a creative way to justify giving your boyfriend or girlfriend the boot.

Seriously, who has a straight line? Come on…

Despite the rather pretentious subject matter, Palm Reading Premium is actually presented in a pretty understated manner, with an illustration of a hand and the menu options providing the only alternative to a background which is black with tiny coloured dots giving the feel of a starry night. It’s very tantric in feel, and the subtle musical backing is something you’d look for if you were planning on falling swiftly to sleep and then remaining that way for a week. So, it’s all very zen, and plays up pretty clearly to the encouragement of getting inside your head and making you believe.

Palm Reading Premium’s promises are fivefold. It promises to help you understand yourself and others better. It tries to help you train yourself into the ‘palmistry art’, master it, and learn the art of reading palms. Then it wants to surprise and impress your friends, entertain your family, and check your relationship compatibilities. But of course, it’s all a little silly. More of an entertainment app than a game, this sort of thing isn’t the sort we’d advise spending your eShop cash on – but for a little fantasy entertainment which makes you feel like you truly are the subject, look no further.

Palm Reading Premium £7.99


Palm Reading Premium has the fairground feel, and is of course a little far-fetched. It’s not our thing, and its audience will be very niche.