Switch Player’s Week In Review: April 11, 2020

Here’s the week that was in the world of Nintendo Switch.


One of the eight new Super Mario t-shirt designs from Uniqlo.

If you’re on the look out for some Super Mario garb (even though you can’t show it off with lockdown in place, natch) then you’re pretty spoiled for choice at the moment. We’d known about the Levi’s range, which have gone on sale this week, but Uniqlo came out with eight new t-shirt designs which you can snap up now on Monday. There are also five t-shirts available in kids’ sizes, so you can deck your little brother/sister/son/dog out in the same gear if you want to.

Switch Player’s Oliver Roderick says: “Is it possible to be too addicted to Nintendo? It is not. You clearly aren’t hardcore enough if you aren’t rocking Mario’s face or a Super NES controller on your chest. Plus, it’s scientifically proven* that wearing Nintendo gear makes you ten times more attractive to those you’re looking to attract. I want all the shirts!”

*This science may actually be made-up.



The Coronavirus continues to wreak havoc worldwide this week, and while game sales haven’ necessarily slowed as predicted, we may soon see a large number of games with their release dates pushed back following CERO, the Japanese game classification organisation, deciding to close down operations temporarily in light of the virus. Of course, this means that as-yet unrated games in Japan won’t be able to see a release until CERO is back in action.

Switch Player’s Oliver Roderick says: “We can take it for certain that a lot of games will be pushed back now, though it’s anyone’s guess as to what extent. Don’t count on loads of new summer releases this yea”



Sticking with Japan for a moment, and it was revealed on Wednesday that Animal Crossing: New Horizons’s incredible launch has already seen it surpass Mario Kart 8 Deluxe’s sales in the country. Just over three million copies of the game were sold in Japan in its first three weeks on sale. Mario Kart still sits at fifth in the all-formats chart, however, as that juggernaut shows no signs of stopping. Nintendo Switch games account for eight of the top ten.

Switch Player’s Oliver Roderick says: “Animal Crossing’s Switch launch has made the launch of the system’s Pokemon games feel insignificant. It’s been crazy how swiftly the game has been lapped up across the world, in no doubt helped by people looking for something to do to pass the time under lockdown.”



On Thursday, even more games were added to Nintendo’s spring eShop sale. The games added to the sale, which are between 25-60% off, include The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, The Stretchers, Kirby Star Allies and Astral Chain. Third-party titles have also been added to the party, with the likes of Farming Simulator 20, Vampyr, What Remains of Edith Finch and Riptide GP: Renegade on the list.

Switch Player’s Oliver Roderick says: “If collecting these games physically isn’t your thing, it’s time to get on these deals. Heck, even if you have the games physically, there’s merit to getting a copy of Breath of the Wild which is always in your Switch. Nintendo have timed this sale well, as just about everyone wants a game to play when they’ve done their daily chores in Animal Crossing.”



The Collector’s Edition of The Sexy Brutale from Super Rare Games.

The Sexy Brutale, Tequila Works’ Groundhog Day-like puzzler, was confirmed to be the thirtieth game to get the Super Rare Games physical treatment on Friday. What’s more, it’ll also become the third game to receive a Collector’s Edition after Earthlock and The Gardens Between. This set will include all five of the game’s collectible cards, a 64-page full-colour artbook, a CD soundtrack, a full colour prequel comic to, poster, sticker and limited edition playing cards. 4,000 copies of the standard edition and 1,000 of the Collector’s Edition will go on sale on Thursday 16th April at 6pm UK time.

Switch Player’s Oliver Roderick says: “This is easily the most exciting release of any limited print company on Switch so far for me. I have championed The Sexy Brutale since its 2017 release on the eShop, and have bored the rest of the Switch Player team senseless with my prattling on about the game. This physical release includes the post-release patch which dealt with slowdown issues the early version of the game had, so this is one I’m chomping at the bit to get hold of.



SUNDAY 12th APRIL – Bunny Day in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

THURSDAY 16th APRIL – The Sexy Brutale from Super Rare Games opens orders