Switch Player Issue 65 Now Available

Issue 65 of Switch Player Magazine is available now, featuring 100 pages of Nintendo Switch content, and a striking Bayonetta 3 cover!

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Bayonetta and PlatinumGames lead the coverage for our features section, and there’s much more besides:

  • Aaron Moy explores why Bayonetta is important to queer culture.
  • Nathan Ellingsworth assesses Bayonetta’s evolution.
  • Ryan Stevens discusses another PlatinumGames classic, Nier:Automata.
  • Joe Wescott interviews Studio Drydock, the developers behind the beautifully crafted indie release Wylde Flowers.
  • Dani Cross challenges herself to self-imposed Pokémon gameplay adjustments.
  • Jamie Sharp revisits the charms of A Short Hike, and chats to Super Rare Games about the limited physical release.
  • Paul Murphy interviews Nosey Tengu and Rowan Fox-Noble, two talented enthusiasts crafting game manuals for Nintendo’s AAA releases.

We’ve got plenty of reviews as well, including Splatoon 3, Shovel Knight Dig, Return to Monkey Island, Bear and Breakfast, and LEGO Bricktales. Splatoon 3 also gets the game guide treatment (or Splat Guide, as we’ve called it) with some top tips to keep your paintwork fresh.

All our usual regular features are included: Switched On featuring all the latest news, NSO Spotlight, Retrospectives, and our fiendish crossword, plus this issue sees the arrival of our new letters page! If you’ve got any thoughts on Nintendo, the Switch, or the magazine itself, write to us and you could win a £15 eShop voucher if you’ve composed the Star Letter! Email us: magazine@switchplayer.net

Buy Switch Player issue 65 here!

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