Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Officially Announced, Headed to Switch Late August

Ubisoft has announced the Mario and Rabbids crossover we’ve all been waiting for, and we’ve got details and media for you to prepare yourself with.

In Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle you’ll find the Mushroom Kingdom torn apart by a mysterious vortex, Rabbids let loose on the land. In order to restore order, a team of Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, Yoshi, and four Rabbid lookalikes will come together to battle towards their goal.

Together, they’ll take on four worlds; each of them filled with dynamic turn-based combat action, a plethora of puzzles, chests, secrets, and some very unpredictable foes. As for your arsenal, you’ll be equipped with never-before-seen weapons made in hundreds of unique varieties. Whether single player or coop, beginner or expert, this game will offer something for everyone!

Check out the game’s announcement trailer, followed by some gameplay footage, and finally a behind the scenes look – all embedded below.

Mario + Rabbids Battle Kingdom launches August 29th worldwide.

You had best start thinking up tactics ASAP. 😉

  • Constraffe Vicariou

    I cannot work out whether this is a full on immersive title or an obligatory child friendly mash up.