Superola and The Lost Burgers Review

Guys, it’s just Memes.

If you frequent the Internet then you’re most likely aware of what a Meme is, they often come in the form of Pictures, videos and gif images and as long as you understand what the Meme is trying to achieve then you’ll most probably see the funny side. Memes are often centered around a reference from pop culture and attempt to make something minor, for example, ‘It’s dangerous to go alone, take this’ a quote that the masses can understand and perhaps use within their daily lives.

So, you may be wondering why I’ve explained what a Meme is to start this review, and the answer is that Superola and The Lost Burgers is a game that takes a whole bunch of different memes and tries to make a story out of them in order to bring us a typical runner game, that would be nothing special without them.

Players take the role of Superola the Llama, an innocent Llama whose life is about to change as an army of Mutant Hotdogs take over the world and steal all of the worlds delicious burgers. Superola is tasked by the almighty Doge to stop the evil hotdogs by firing his laser to destroy the enemies.

With a somewhat interesting plot in tow, the gameplay sadly doesn’t transfer into anything of greatness and instead we’re left with a very mediocre runner game which isn’t very challenging nor does anything of great importance, instead you’ll have to jump over pits and enemies, or shoot your laser face at enemies in order to defeat them, there are also some underwater levels which play a lot like games such as Flappy Bird where you have to avoid obstacles by swimming higher or allowing Superola to sink lower.

The game’s story plays out as a slideshow of images in between levels, and this is where the memes take full control, several different memes are referenced throughout the game including ‘All Our Base are Belong to Us’ and ‘It’s dangerous to go alone, take this’ as well as typical meme imagery such as Doge, and the ‘I’ma firin’ mah laser’ guy’. On first seeing these memes I laughed at the fact they were present, but as more and more memes were used it went from being amusing to downright cringe-inducing by the games lacklustre conclusion.

One of the biggest issues I have with Superola and The Lost Burgers was its gameplay, it’s just not a very fun game in my opinion, its a very by-the-numbers runner game which appears to have its fair share of collision issues when jumping onto platforms, there were many situations where I felt I had clearly landed on a platform but ended up falling through it and to my death, it happened far too often in far too many scenarios and ended up being a massive hindrance to the very little enjoyment I was getting out of the game in the first place.

Even at its relatively low price point, Superola and The Lost Burgers manages to feel like an overpriced cash-in that does everything in its power to try and be relevant to modern day culture while missing the mark on actually being a good game. If you must own a runner game on Switch, I’d recommend either picking up the similarly priced but much better Kid Tripp, or await the release of Runner 3.

Superola and The Lost Burgers


Superola and The Lost Burgers is a game that attempts to use Memes to make itself relavent and instead ends up being a good case for why the eShop needs better quality control, unless you absolutely love memes there’s absolutely nothing here worth seeing.

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