Unreal Engine 4 to Power A Lot of Upcoming Switch Games

Epic Games CEO reveals in an interview that Unreal Engine 4 will power a lot of upcoming games for the Nintendo Switch.

In a recent interview between Japanese language website Social VR Info and Takayuki Kawasaki, territory manager for Epic Games Japan, it was revealed that the Nintendo Switch will support Unreal Engine 4 Рand a lot of coming games would be hitting the platform via their engine.

Kawasaki further noted that the concept of “a lot” included many already announced major released and new games, and one of those games is Dragon Quest IX – meaning we’re going to get a version that was much closer to the PlayStation 4 version of the game than many anticipated.

Are you hyped to see some Unreal Engine 4 powered titles on Nintendo Switch? I know I am!

One thought on “Unreal Engine 4 to Power A Lot of Upcoming Switch Games”

  1. I think anything that makes ports easier is a plus….though getting inferior ports of PS4/Xbox One games isn’t going to sell well….most people have a current generation console already. I hope we get a lot of unique experiences on Switch….that will drive sales more than ports.

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