Tumbleseed Switches Things Up This Spring

Rolly roguelike Tumbleseed is nearly ready to seed some fun into your life on the Nintendo Switch.

A game about “a small seed with big dreams,” Tumbleseed is officially headed to the Nintendo Switch – and according to its official webpage, the five-person team behind the title is looking to deliver it sometime this Spring.

Featuring environments such as Underground, Limestone, Jungle, and Forest, Tumbleseed follows the cute little seed as he tries to traverse a procedurally generated mountain and its unique landscapes. You’ll take on corrupt and twisted creatures, pot holes, and of course gravity as you try and reach the top of the mountain and save your home. Can you make it?

If you’re interested in trying, we’ve got some media to further entice you…

Tumbleseed is headed to the Nintendo Switch sometime this Spring.

Keep an eye out for it!

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