Eleven New 1-2-Switch Trailers Revealed

We get a look at nearly a dozen new trailers for 1-2-Switch, the new bits alone showing off a good portion of the title’s mini-game collection.

1-2-Switch is a party style title that holds a collection of 28(!) mini-games, including many that require you to go head-to-head. These games don’t always require you to pay attention to the screen however, and quite a few of them focus more on getting you competing with your friends than anything else.

If that sounds up your alley, then we’ve got quite a few new 1-2-Switch trailers to show you – including introductory looks at mini-games Baby, Beach Flag, Dish Spin, Joy-Con Rotation, Liar Dice, Runway, Shaver, Soda, Sword Fight, Telephone and Wizard. If you’re looking for the entirety of the released trailers however, the previously revealed ones are included towards the bottom of the post.

Get acquainted below;


Beach Flag

Dish Spin (via Twitter)

Joy-Con Rotation

Liar Dice




Sword Fight




That pretty much does it for the newly released trailers, however if you didn’t catch them before there are also videos for Copy Dance, Count Balls, Eating Contest, Milk, Ping Pong, Quick Draw, Safe Cracker, and Samurai Training below!

Copy Dance

Count Balls

Eating Contest


Ping Pong

Quick Draw

Safe Cracker

Samurai Training

1-2-Switch is due out March 3rd, releasing day-and-date with the Nintendo Switch.

What mini-game will you be playing first?

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