More 1-2-Switch Trailers & Commercials From Across the World

All the Nintendo regions seem to want to put out their own 1-2-Switch ads, so we’ve rounded up the latest here for you to check out.

We’ve seen plenty of trailers and tidbits for Nintendo Switch physical-movement mini-game collection 1-2-Switch already, but there are no shortage of them going forward as well. It seems like Nintendo really wants this one to succeed, and I don’t blame them for pushing their product one bit; it’s the one thing they can definitely be relied on to do.

Get a load of nine more 1-2-Switch related trailers below, and get ready for day one!

Play anytime, anywhere, with anyone

Sword Fight, Milk & Telephone

Sword Fight, Shave & Soda Shake

Air Guitar


Boxing Gym


Treasure Box


1-2-Switch launches March 3rd; with a shuffle mode for a bit of variety in your play (using all, or five choice games), and even a team match mode where multiple players are split into competing groups. It’ll be available in physical and digital forms at launch – with the digital version (available via the eShop) requiring approximately 1.3GB of space to install.

Are you picking it up for a little fun? 😛

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