Soldam: Blooming Declaration Announced for Switch Launch in Japan, Coming West Later On

Puzzle game remake Soldam: Blooming Declaration looks to make the Japanese launch.

A remake of the 1992 arcade game from Jaleco, this City Connection developed version will offer new visuals, new sounds, and new game modes when it launches on the Japanese eShop March 3rd.

For your 1,500 yen, you’ll get the following gameplay modes;

  • Soldam mode is an endless style gameplay mode in which players take old falling Soldam one after another – avoiding filling the play area to the top of the screen. Fairy companions called Plumi are used in this game mode, and will bloom into new forms by eating various fruit. With 40 types of Plumi, you’ll have to have them eat different things to experience them all.
  • Rakudam mode is more suited to practicing than any other. Soldam here don’t fall in real time, and instead are dropped at your command.
  • Tsumedam mode has a heavy lean towards the puzzle aspect, having you complete requests using a maximum of file sets of Soldam.

Does this seem like it’s up your alley? Good!

Soldam: Blooming Declaration is set to release March 3rd in Japan, with a Western release planned but not yet detailed. Keep an eye out if you’re looking for another puzzle game, or are looking to feed that nostalgia itch.

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