Real Farm Sim Headed to Switch “Soon”

SOEDESCO have been in touch to announce that Real Farm Sim will be gracing our Switch-y shores sometime soon – down to get dirty hybrid style.

Immersive agricultural simulation game Real Farm Sim is headed to the Nintendo Switch, and ill offer you the chance to farm your ass off on the TV or on the go. The game will include a career mode – where you can grow from farm hand to pro farmer, and a free mode – where you can take on the role of an established farmer.

Grow crops, keep livestock, or mix-and-match for a farm life your way. Buy and sell in a real time economy, and own a massive array of farm equipment – all with their own maintennace and things to think about.

Need a look before you sign the deed? Check out the trailer below.

Real Farm Sim is currently undated, but reportedly headed our way “soon.”

Are you up for the harvest?

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