Two Tribes Reveal ‘Copilot Mode’ & More For RIVE On Switch

RIVE is a very intriguing game indeed – initially promised to release for Wii U, the game was ultimately cancelled due to technical issues and the decline of the console. Since then however, developer Two Tribes has confirmed that they are working on bringing the game to Nintendo Switch (with much more success this time around it would seem), and in a recent interview with Nintendo Life the team has shared some interesting new details about its release.

Firstly, a Switch specific mode called ‘Copilot Mode’ has been included in the game this time around. Here players can take a Joy-Con each with one player piloting the ship and the other taking over the shooting responsibilities. When you die the controls are “switched” (ahem…) so that you effectively take turns with the different roles.

The developers go on to confirm that the game will play in “a solid 60fps” with 720p resolution in handheld mode and 1080p when docked. This was something the team struggled to achieve on Wii U, so whilst it is a huge disappointment for Wii U owners, this does at least mean that we will be getting the best possible version.

Two Tribes have said that they should have a release date for us “soon,” so until then why not let us know if you’re interested in the game?

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