LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 – Deluxe Edition Confirmed for Switch, New Details & Trailer

We’ve known about LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 coming to Nintendo Switch for a while now, even though we were initially told that it would come slightly later than on other consoles. However, it has since been confirmed that the game will be launching across all consoles simultaneously, and will be bringing with it a fancy new deluxe edition!

Some interesting new facts were recently revealed about the game, including the fact that a brand new (kind of) Marvel character will appear exclusively in the title. The name of this character is “Carnom,” and it’s a fusion of Carnage and Venom. Other characters are also being included, and we’ve gotten word that one we’ll see is “Gwenpool” (a fan-favourite mash-up of Gwen Stacy and Deadpool).

Perhaps the most interesting news however, came from this new trailer:

The trailer presents Kang the Conqueror – a super villain who has formed an open hub world called Chronopolis by stealing cities from across time and space. It is here that you’ll be solving puzzles and playing through action-adventure sequences, just like its predecessors and other LEGO games. At the end of the video, an image is displayed detailing pre-order information for the deluxe edition of the game.

By pre-ordering you get access to the “Classic Guardians of the Galaxy Character Pack,” the full main game, and a season pass. The best news of all for Nintendo Switch fans is the fact that the Switch is also getting this deluxe version. Previous LEGO titles on Wii U eventually ditched support for the system, meaning that Wii U players couldn’t always get new DLC available. However, a season pass being included suggests that Switch owners will have access to everything released for the game – which is very refreshing indeed.

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 comes out on Nintendo Switch on 17th November in the UK, and slightly earlier on the 14th November in North America.

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