WWE 2K18 Physical Edition Requires 24GB Download

Break out those MicroSD Cards, guys…

Recently, we reported that L.A Noire would require a rather lofty 14GB download if you opt for the physical release of the game. Well, you’ll need to save even more space for the upcoming launch of WWE 2K18, as it will require a huge 24GB download to play the physical version.

Choosing the digital version of the game will set you back 32GB, making a MicroSD Card a necessity.

In what appears to be something of a trend with third-party titles, the download requirements does keep the price of the carts down to an acceptable level. Unfortunately though, it looks like folks are going to need to invest in multiple MicroSD cards as we move closer to the Switch’s second year on the market.

Will you be picking up WWE 2K18 despite the high download requirement? Let us know!

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