Square Enix offers tantalising update on Project Octopath Traveller

Improvements to movement, UI and more!

Square Enix has been hard at work Project Octopath Traveller for a while now, and whilst the game has yet to receive an official title, the publisher has offered some welcome changes to the title following feedback from more than 45,000 responses to the demo (which has been downloaded more than one million times).

You can check out the full update in the below video, but in a nutshell, the following changes have been applied:

  • You can now walk and run by pushing the analogue stick to varying degrees. In the game’s demo, you had to toggle running by tapping the B button. Pressing the same button will now allow you to run faster, but will increase the rate at which enemy encounters occur.
  • A ‘fast travel’ option will also be added to the full game.
  • Environmental colours have been adjusted to allow traversable areas to stand out more. A radar has also been added to point players in the direction of important landmarks.
  • Players can adjust the brightness and the strength of the ‘2D-HD’ filters to suit their individual needs.
  • The full game will feature one autosave slot and nine manual save slots, totalling ten.
  • The size of the text has been enlarged to improve visibility.
  • You’ll be able to skip certain scenes in the full game, or replay them if you so desire.
  • The battle system will not fundamentally change, but refinements are continually being performed to improve overall difficulty.

No release date has been given for Project Octopath Traveller, but it is still scheduled to launch sometime in 2018. Keep an eye on Switch Player for more details as we get them!

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