Slime-San DLC “Sheeple’s Sequel” releases on Switch this February 5th

More slimy goodness.

If hard-as-nails platformers are your thing, odds are you’ve already dipped your toe into the appropriately gooey waters offered up by Slime-San. Released to critical acclaim early last year, developer Fabraz has revealed that the game will be enjoying its second round of free DLC, as soon as this coming Monday.

Dubbed “Sheeple’s Sequel”, the DLC introduces five remixed levels inspired by the main Slime-San campaign, two new styles play, with a further 20 normal and 20 New Game+ levels courtesy of the eponymous Sheeple acting as the headline addition.

The new content is free for anyone who’s already purchased the main game or can be purchased separately at launch.

Check out the newly-released trailer above to get a feel for what’s in store. Will you be jumping in this February?

Source: Eurogamer

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