de Blob is coming to Switch

Rejoice, de Blob is getting a Switch version.Originally launched way back on the Wii, THQ Nordic have decided to bring the platformer to Nintendo’s newest console with the help of porting studio Blitworks. For those not familiar with the world of de Blob an evil corporation has declared ‘Color is a crime!’ and taken away all the colour of the world. You’ll join the revolutionaries and rage against the monochromatic machine with some platforming fun. Alongside the story mode, there is 4 player split screen with up to 8 different modes to enjoy.

Are you excited to see the colourful blobs make their way to Switch? Let us know in the comments below.

de Blob is set to release in 2018 but we’ve yet to get a firm release date. Stay tuned to the Switch Player for more information as we get it.

One thought on “de Blob is coming to Switch”

  1. Kinda like Splatoon before Splatoon then? (Yes, I know they’re different; I played both of them).

    Seriously, though. I’ve played both of these before, and they were good. Wouldn’t mind a third one if there is the demand for it.

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