Beautiful Sci-Fi platformer Planet Alpha launches on Switch later this year

Set phasers to stunning!.

Indie developer Adrian Lazar has announced that his new title Planet Alpha is set to release for Nintendo Switch sometime in 2018.

A side-scrolling platformer adventure, Planet Alpha looks sets players on a journey of discovery after waking up on a mysterious alien world filled with vibrant plant life and luminous skies. Featuring everything from stealth sections, light puzzle-solving, to fast platforming action, the game will mark the first partnership between publisher Team17 and the Danish indie developer.

Planet Alpha has been in development as early as 2013, starting off as a one-man team before growing to become the passion project of a small group of devs working internationally. While no official release date has been announced yet, expect to traverse the titular planet Alpha later this year. Will you be picking it up?

Source: Nintendo Life

One thought on “Beautiful Sci-Fi platformer Planet Alpha launches on Switch later this year”

  1. It looks like a faster paced Inside (with a MUCH brighter and sci-fi look), just more platformer than puzzle-solver. That is to say, it looks great and I am definitely intrigued.

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