Resident Evil 7 Coming To Switch… Sort Of

Go tell Aunt Rhody.

Capcom’s support of the Switch is proving more and more impressive as time goes on, and it has cemented its commitment to the machine with the announcement of Resident Evil 7 in Japan. However, its release comes with a rather significant catch.

Known as Resident Evil 7: Cloud Version, the game will essentially be streamed via Capcom’s servers, rather than running on the Switch hardware itself. Presumably, the game is too graphically intensive for the hybrid system, and as such Capcom opted for the streaming option instead.

Bizarrely, you can’t actually buy the game outright either. A ¥2000 (£14/ $18) asking price grants a limited 180 day ticket, after which you can no longer play it.

It’s an odd decision, to be sure. Streaming games adequately requires a decent ongoing internet connection (which to be fair, Japan has in spades), and it means you cannot play Resident Evil 7: Cloud Version on the go, which sort of defeats the purpose of the Switch.

What do you think? Is streaming a viable option for the Switch? Do you want Resident Evil 7 to make its way to Western shores? Let us know!

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