#KILLALLZOMBIES, with all of its hashtags and capital letters, has you battling for your survival with hundreds if not thousands of the undead. Set across three different gameplay modes, you will either need to rack up a high score by simply taking out as many zombies as you possibly can before you’re overcome by their sheer weight of numbers, or you have to defend a base from the zombies, which will head directly for it rather than turning their attention towards you. The third and final option has you team up with a friend for even more zombie-ending action.

The three modes of #KILLALLZOMBIES.

It’s a twin-stick shooter, and with the honeycomb-like battlefield consistent throughout all its modes, it doesn’t take long to see everything that #KILLALLZOMBIES has to offer. But with a game like this it’s less about the setting and more about the gameplay, which needs to keep your attention as you battle to build up those high scores.

This is quite a tame number of zombies considering how chaotic the game can get.

Perks and power-ups are the elements which stop this game from being far too monotonous, and these are pretty varied – after a set number of kills you’ll be prompted to hit the X button and select from a handful of options, which can offer you automatic guns, explosives, mines – or even to manipulate the environment to raise and lower the floor to pen zombies in for easy kills. That’s not all – some prompt you to end your game immediately in exchange for a wad of points for your score, making it a case of weighing up your chances of progressing further without the help; for instance, if you were in a situation of getting totally overawed by the zombies, taking the offer might be your best bet. You can call in air strikes, or have your bullets poison or freeze the zombies.

But the best improvement of all has you mutate into Dongerino, some sort of goliath which squashes every zombie with just a touch. Each of the perks comes with its own set time limit before you’re back to your standard weapon and ammunition, but item drops including different weapons, health and larger objects like ambulances can help you out if you can make it to them safely – you’ll need to blow up those ambulances in order to unleash mayhem on the surrounding zombies and collect whatever loot was stored inside.

Beat enough zombies and you’ll take on a boss, which can destroy you in one hit.

Everything is always pretty chaotic in #KILLALLZOMBIES, from the honeycomb floor falling away to form impassable craters to other deathtrap items falling from the sky. But that actually makes for a pretty entertaining experience. It’s not a game you’ll sink months into, but it does have enough going for it to prompt another run at the high score, and that’s what the developers will have been looking for. Pick it up for some good, mindless fun.



#KILLALLZOMBIES is an entertaining high-score driven zombie mayhem experience. It has enough to justify a place in your Switch library, and has a pick-up-and-play nature which means you might come back to it down the line.