Switch Player Weekly Round-Up – September 24th, 2017

We’ve had a busy week here at Switch Player HQ – several of the team explored the sights and sounds of EGX 2017, getting our hands on the latest and greatest. (Our founder, Paul, seems to think that he scored a “worldie” on Fifa 18 but we all know it was a cross. Feel free to tweet him simply saying “it was a cross” to set him straight!). The news stories are a little bare this week but the reviews are still coming in thick and fast with six more Switch games to read up on. Take a look through this article to see what you may have missed this week on Switch Player!

Preview: Super Mario Odyssey Could Be The Best Mario Yet

“Where to begin?” – a question not only appropriate to the writing of this preview but also the game itself; Super Mario Odyssey has the potential to be one of the greatest Mario adventures we’ve ever seen, partly thanks to its overwhelming amount of possibilities. Recently, I was lucky enough to get my hands on it to explore three of the Kingdoms on offer and, whilst I’m confident that I hardly scratched the surface of things to see and do, the time I had with the game was a blast. Let’s delve deeper…

Pokkén Tournament DX Review

Whilst games such as the Nintendo 64’s Pokémon Stadium came pretty close, seven-year-old-me’s dream of battling Pokémon in a way that feels ‘real’ has never truly been realised. I’m just as much a fan of the core Pokémon games as the next trainer, but I always wanted to see Pokémon moving around like real creatures rather than sprites that wiggled slightly. Now, thanks to an unlikely collaboration between Nintendo and Tekken developer, Bandai Namco, we have Pokkén Tournament – possibly the closest we have come to those dreams so far. Originally released in Japanese arcades and then for Wii U, the latest version, Pokkén Tournament DX, has arrived on Nintendo Switch with some exciting new content. Does it come close to my childhood dreams, though, and more importantly: is it worth buying?

Switch Player Weekly Round-Up – September 17th, 2017

Nintendo Directs = joy. Luckily then, this week we were treated to some “joy” in the form of shock game announcements, release dates, updates to previously announced titles and more! We also published three brand new reviews for you this week because we’re lovely like that! So, if you’ve missed any of this week’s top stories or reviews make sure to read through this article and look back over the last week here on Switch Player.

Lichtspeer: Double Speer Edition Review

Sometimes games take themselves too seriously; other times they are utterly bizarre. Lichtspeer: Double Speer Edition is most definitely the latter; even the game’s opening screen specifically says that “nothing you are about to see will make any sense”, yet that is probably one of the strongest things it has going for it. Set in a visually attractive, ancient Germanic future (because an ‘ancient future’ is a thing, of course), Lichtspeer is a game full of weird and wonderful enemies and an easy-to-understand gameplay concept. I’m sure there is one thing I’m forgetting, though… Oh yeah, it’s absolutely ruthless.