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Welcome to a brand new, weekly feature here on Switch Player! Each week, we’ll be providing you lovely readers with a round-up of all the biggest stories and reviews that have graced our beautiful web pages over the last seven days. This way, you can simply scroll through this article and click on any of the links to read up on anything you may have missed. Read on!

Top News Stories This Week

Pokkén Tournament DX Demo Available Now

Yes, the Pokkén Tournament DX demo is finally here and, as well as providing you with information on the game, our Editor in Chief, Kyle, has been hard at work (and having a whole lot of fun!) recording lots of juicy in-game footage for you to take a look at. You can read the main article and see some of the videos here and for even more footage – why not visit our YouTube channel?


Ubisoft Announce Season Pass for Mario + Rabbids

DLC content being announced before a game has even released is always a controversial decision, with some people arguing that content is purposefully being held back. Nevertheless, a Season Pass has been announced for Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle with some pretty cool-looking features. Take a look here.


New Stages and Weapon For Splatoon 2

Splatoon 2 is a title that receives awesome new updates on a regular basis but this latest offering was a particularly ink-redible addition. The update added a new battle stage, Salmon Run Stage, and even a special weapon, all of which you can see and read up on here.


FIFA Runs At 60 FPS on Nintendo Switch

Nintendo players will naturally be holding their collective breath in regards to the quality of Fifa 18 on Nintendo Switch, with past iterations on Nintendo’s consoles not usually being up to scratch. Details of the game running at a smooth 60 both docked and in handheld have now emerged however, bringing a whole lot of hope.


Exclusive Nintendo themed Battle-Cars Coming to Rocket League

As we’ve seen with several titles that have made their way to a Nintendo console after a long absence, Rocket League will launch with some exclusive Nintendo themed content. This time around that content is vehicles (fittingly), and you can feast your eyes on exactly what they look like and get more information here.


Minecraft Will Allow Wii U To Switch Transfers In Next Update

It is something that owners of the Wii U version of the game have wanted for a while, and something that may well just persuade Switch owners to double-dip: Minecraft: Nintendo Switch Edition can now receive your creations from the Wii U Edition. Take a look here to find out more and even see a video of the transfer process being demonstrated!


Telltale Bringing Star-Lord and The Dark Knight to the Switch

Yes, two new games from developer Telltale have been confirmed for Nintendo Switch. Telltale are known for their story-driven, episodic adventures which are a pleasure to play through. You can see our article and the tweet confirming this news right here.


Zoink Games’ Fe Coming to Switch Courtesy of EA

Rounding up the best of the last week’s stories is the news that Fe will be coming to Nintendo Switch thanks to EA. You can read up on Zoink Games’ platformer in our article here (which also contains a trailer and some beautiful screens to feast your eyes on).



Troll and I

Erm… It might be fair to say that our Deputy Editor, Charlie, didn’t have the best time playing this game. The phrase “Possibly the worst game to grace the Nintendo Switch” may have been used at one point and the score it received is not a pretty sight. Want to see why? Take a read of the full review here.


Retro City Rampage DX

Luckily, Retro City Rampage DX faired much better. Seemingly cramming a very pleasing amount of content into its pixelated world, the game is “a thoroughly enjoyable and satisfying retro themed sandbox”. Read the review here and see if it takes your fancy!


That’s it for this week’s top stories. Make sure to keep an eye on the site and our Twitter feed, @_SwitchPlayer, for all the latest news and reviews!

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