Rocket Fist Review

The Nintendo Switch lends itself perfectly to games based around a very simple set of controls, short bursts of multiplayer action, and – ultimately – fun. We’ve seen games such as De Mambo and Overcooked: Special Edition hit the Switch’s eShop in recent times, and they’re two great examples of this mantra. Bringing Rocket Fist to the console seems to be an attempt at continuing this trend, so let’s see if it’s a success.

De Mambo Review

De Mambo‘s developers, The Dangerous Kitchen, aren’t one to shy away from their influences. De Mambo was devised as a way of distracting the developers from scouring the internet for Smash Bros. news ahead of the Nintendo brawler’s release on the 3DS. The Dangerous Kitchen has set out to take the premise from Nintendo’s game, strip it down to its bare bones, keep it fun, and make it their own – have they succeeded in doing this? Carry on reading to find out!