Astro Bears Party Review

Astro Bears Party is a competitive party game featuring cute, podgy bears in spacesuits who run around bumping into each other and catching fish. Oh… and one of them is called Neil. If that doesn’t immediately intrigue you then I don’t know what will! Published by Qubic Games (who have an incredible amount of Switch games on the way), Astro Bears Party is hoping to be your next go-to party game – and it may well have succeeded.

Rocket Fist Review

The Nintendo Switch lends itself perfectly to games based around a very simple set of controls, short bursts of multiplayer action, and – ultimately – fun. We’ve seen games such as De Mambo and Overcooked: Special Edition hit the Switch’s eShop in recent times, and they’re two great examples of this mantra. Bringing Rocket Fist to the console seems to be an attempt at continuing this trend, so let’s see if it’s a success.

Flip Wars Review

With Snipperclips a stellar first first-party entry into the Switch eShop catalogue, Flip Wars – released in mid-July – is the next offering. While it does employ the same pick-up-and-play ethic of the cutting-out puzzler, that’s where the similarities end between the two titles. Flip Wars places the focus on the battling, the head-to-head multiplayer which crowns the best as the winner and the rest as the also-rans.